Weighted Vs Bodyweight

What’s more effective for all-round fitness: bodyweight, or weighted training?

Featured in Men's Fitness Magazine.

With lockdown resulting in gym closures, the question of weighted vs bodyweight has become much more than a hypothetical one.

Those who train have been forced to ask not just whether weight training can trump the bodyweight equivalent, but whether the latter can ever replace the former without all your well-gotten muscle gains turning to dust.

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Comparing the two fitness programs – weighted vs bodyweight, Ross’s body weight increased steadily from just under 85kgs to just under 87kgs (bodyweight training).

Both Hugo and Ross’s fat percentage follows a similar trend, increasing dramatically in the first few weeks, which then steadily falls, which then both increase towards the latter few weeks of the fitness program. Throughout the program, Ross’s body fat percentage rarely goes above Hugo’s.

Hugo and Ross after their three month weighted vs bodyweight gym comparison.