Blue Pole Project

Quintet Earth powers Blue Pole project: a plastic research expedition to reach the Atlantic Pole of Inaccessibility & UK tour, charged by hydrogen fuel

Electric hydrofoils

Exploring uninhabited islands using fully electric hydrofoil boards

Hike & Fly: Scotland

Hike and paraglide mission in the Scottish mountains

Iberian Pole

Fully electric motorcycle expedition to discover the capabilities of electric motorcycles  


Stronger Together

The Turner Twins are British adventurers who have undergone a host of world-first expeditions to help people learn about our world. Together they have rowed the Atlantic Ocean, climbed Mount Elbrus, attempted to trek the Greenland Ice Cap and have reached several Poles of Inaccessibility including; the Australian, North and South American and Iberian Poles.

About us

Purposeful Adventure

Their passion for adventure was ignited when Hugo sustained a broken neck aged 17. In the mix of emotions that followed this near-catastrophic accident came a drive to follow their passion for exploration, and in doing so, help brands and people learn about our world through technology and purposeful adventure.


Together, their pioneering spirit has led them to discover some of the planet’s last remaining untouched places, while utilising new technologies to support and promote a more sustainable future.

Fitness & Physiology

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Speaking & Talks

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The Turner Twins delivered a brilliantly insightful and inspiring talk to the England Rugby 7’s squad, taking the players through their adventures, experiences and obstacles. The talk was an opportunity for the players to learn about performing under pressure, pushing yourself to the limit, approaching challenges with the right mindset and learning to embrace the unexpected. Hugo and Ross provided a fantastic insight into pushing yourself to be the best and helped the players understand how the skills they have learned from professional rugby can translate into their next careers
England Rugby Seven’s Team