Speaking & Talks

The Turner Twins speak with passion, charisma and energy to elaborate on the skills they’ve learnt and developed through their experiences and convert them into everyday valuable, useable and essential skills.

Humorous, educational and sometimes rather squeamish to listen to, they describe the high and lows of sacrificing their bodies to scientific medical research, competing in tough environments, adopting the right mindset and ultimately following their dreams.

England Rugby Seven’s Team
The Turner Twins delivered a brilliantly insightful and inspiring talk to the England Rugby 7’s squad, taking the players through their adventures, experiences and obstacles. The talk was an opportunity for the players to learn about performing under pressure, pushing yourself to the limit, approaching challenges with the right mindset and learning to embrace the unexpected. Hugo and Ross provided a fantastic insight into pushing yourself to be the best and helped the players understand how the skills they have learned from professional rugby can translate into their next careers.

Caroline Guthrie – Personal Development Manager, RPA

Virgin Galactic
The twins have so many wonderful and unique accounts about overcoming adversity, extraordinary adventuring and the fascinating comparisons between original and contemporary equipment and clothing. They are natural story tellers who are able to build an instant rapport with audiences large and small. By combining humour with edge-of-seat drama they leave their listeners amused, inspired and wanting more! Both Hugo and Ross are charming and approachable and as happy and competent in live Q and A sessions as they are in more formal presentation settings.

Stephen Attenborough – Commercial Director of Virgin Galactic

Fortnum & Mason
Hugo and Ross were charming, fascinating and attentive in equal measure, and their talk was a great success with the audience. We’d welcome them back to Fortnum’s in a heartbeat.”

Menswear – Marketing team