Plant protein vs animal protein

The Twins conducted another 12-week study to find the differences between animal protein shakes versus Vivo Life’s vegan protein PERFORM shakes. All the usual monitoring took place through Boditrax and physiological testing pre and post fitness program.

Hugo and Ross picturd before their three month gym challenge comparing plant and animal based protein.

The study was a 12-week endurance program to help find the performance differences between Vivo Life plant-based protein PERFORM and an off the high street animal-based protein (and when we say protein, we mean post-gym protein shakes).

Both Hugo and Ross' body weight started around 89 kgs and followed a similar pattern throughout the three month gym program. Ross' total body weight finished just below 87 kgs, Hugo's finished below 85 kgs.

Their fat percentage followed a scattered yet similar pattern throughout, however, Ross' fat percentage had a major and sudden fall half way through the comparison. This was also Hugo's lowest fat percentage but his fall was gradual. Both percentages returned to a similar level to that at the beginning.

Muscle mass had a pattern opposite of the fat percentage. Where Ross had a sudden spike in muscle mass his fat had a sudden fall. Hugo's muscle mass follows a similar pattern to Ross's with no major spikes.

Which protein delivers increased performance?

The twins conducted pre and post program physiological tests to measure and compare improvements gained from their three month gym program. These tests were completed immediately follow the three month program and were conducted at the same time.

The biggest improvement for Hugo was his push ups from 25 to 45. Ross's biggest improvement was his deadlift of 120 to 140 kgs.

Hugo and Ross after their three month animal (whey) vs plant protein comparison.