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COVID-19. Due to the global fight against Coronavirus, expeditions and international travel have been suspended, although future project plans continue to be detailed. Brands interested in these future projects should email using the form below.

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What common values link all these expeditions together? Purpose, pioneering spirit, discovery, curiosity, and most importantly, togetherness. Over the next few years, The Turner Twins are attempting to reach all the world’s Poles of Inaccessibility and in doing so they hope to document these remote locations and become vocal ambassadors for the health of our oceans and planet.

These future expeditions will deliver them to some of the most remote parts of the globe, from kite skiing across Greenland, hiking through Madagascar, traveling to Eurasia and sailing across both the Atlantic (Blue Pole Project) and Southern Oceans (Project Nemo). Below is an illustration of where the last remaining Poles of Inaccessibility are located.

For more information about the Atlantic Blue Pole Project 2022, click here.

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