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One Twin Went Vegan. The Other Didn’t. Here’s What Happened Next

Professional explorers Hugo and Ross Turner wanted to find out how a vegan diet would affect their training. The results are in… Read the full article here.


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  1. Sarah Bellwood Reply

    How can we get a clear comparison if 1) you don’t say which twin is which in your photo, and 2) you don’t detail what the “high-fat” “omnivore” diet consists of? You say carbs were missed, but not how many carbs you allowed yourself each day. That is key if this is not just hIgh-fat but also low-carb. Was it a keto diet (i.e. 30 grams carbs or under) or what? I’m really interested so please answer my questions. Thanks!

    • theturnertwins Reply

      Hugo is on the left. The vegan diet was nothing short that – Hugo only ate plant-based foods, no dairy, no products which contained meat or animal products. We didn’t measure anything else but both had the same a balanced diet but Ross would eat meat on top of his meals. So, apologies I don’t have a carb specific answer for you.