A World First Paramotor Expedition to the Continental Pole of Inaccessibility (The Red Pole)

Hugo and Ross with their guide Kester Haynes, successfully reached the Continental Pole of Inaccessibility using Parajet paramotors in August 2016. There are several centre points in Australia including Lambert’s Gravitational Centre, however, the twins’ succeeded in reaching the furthest inland point from any coastline. The expedition took three weeks and covered 1,600kms, crossing some of the most inhospitable land in Australia; Lake Eyre, the Outback and the Simpson Desert.  The ‘Red Pole’ is positioned North-West of Alice Springs in a remote part of the country known as the Red Centre. Using Parajet paramotors offered the perfect method to view rarely visted areas of this country and provided an utterly unique perspective to explore the heart of the continent.

Back in 1919 Henry Wrigley and his mechanic, Arthur ‘Spud’ Murphy, became the first people to make a transcontinental flight across Australia, from Melbourne to Darwin. The men flew a B.E.2. biplane which had no radio or communications over unmapped and remote lands. They were later awarded the Air Force Cross in recognition for their flight.