Crossing the Greenland ice cap

In 2014 the twins attempted to trek across the polar ice cap of Greenland -under the guidance of record breaking explorer George Bullard, to highlight the struggles and triumphs of the famous explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. Starting from Kangerlussuaq on the west coast the route would take them 555km across the ice cap to Tasiilaq on the east via the abandoned DYE II radar station. The expedition set out to support research programs at King’s College London’s, Department of Twin research. In depth studies were conducted on the twins before, during and after the expedition. The other aim was to compare old and new clothing- Ross wore replica clothing which Shackleton used 100 year ago on his famous ‘Endurance’ expedition, while Hugo used modern clothing so they could directly compare the performance of old clothing against the new. What they discovered was nothing short of remarkable. Unfortunately Hugo sustained a catastrophic knee injury, which after a few days of medical treatment was deemed to be to dangerous to continue. They were evacuated off the ice cap by helicopter after two weeks.